Operating Procedures of the Paper Submission System

Step 1: Enter www.beidou.org in the address bar of the Internet browser to visit the CSNC website.
Step 2: Register as the website member. Enter the registration e-mail and personal information, and then get back into your Email and activate the member’s authority. A registered user can log onto the website directly.
Step 3: Use the registration e-mail to log onto the website.
Step 4: Click the “Paper Submission” button on the left of the website in English, and enter the paper submission system to contribute new papers and view about current and historical papers. For each website member account, more than one paper can be submitted.
Step 5: Click “Submission”, and submit your paper according to the format requirements and description. The submission should include the subject, titles, abstract, keywords, election to participate in appraisal of youth excellent papers or not, complete author information, designated liaison author, full text uploading, etc. In the abstract submission stage, you can directly click the “Finish” key without uploading the full text. After the abstract is submitted, the full text can be uploaded through the full text uploading entrance in the abstract view page.

(Please look up the operation flowchart below for details)

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