Songhe Hot Spring Hotel

Introduction: The Beijing Songhe Jianguo Hot Spring Hotel is a"xiao” culture theme resort hotel integrating conference party, vacation, leisure and entertainment and hot spring health care. The hotel is located on the Chaobai River, Zuo Di Road, Li Sui Town, Shunyi District, Beijing. It is located in the Natural Oxygen Bar-Tongqing Forest Farm Forest Park. The hotel covers an area of more than 200 arces as a whole, and the green area is more than 80%.  And because the air is fresh, the environment is quiet, the scenery is beautiful and the transportation is convenient, the hotel is quite suitable for the urban population, especially the middle and the elderly. And its architectural style is novel, the decoration is exquisite, the environment is comfortable and unique. The hotel is 11.5km away from the airport and 20 minutes drive;8.9 km from the subway station, 15 minutes drive;40 km  from Beijing South Station, 70 minutes drive.