2023 International Training Workshop on BeiDou Technologies and Its Applications in the Belt and Road Countries and Regions

I. Background

2023 marks the third anniversary of the completion and launch of the BDS-3, since of which, BDS has been consistently improving performance, expanding applications, and deepening cooperations as it develops persistently, stably, and rapidly. The in-depth applications and scale development of BDS have empowered various industries to achieve fruitful results and significant benefits.

International Training Workshop on BeiDou Technologies and Its Applications in the Belt and Road Countries and Regions aims to share BDS-based satellite navigation services and application technologies with Belt and Road countries and regions, specifically targeted at overseas senior management personnel and technology specialists of satellite navigation. As the 2-week workshop has been successively held for 5 sessions since 2018 and has served trainees from over 50 countries and regions along the Belt and Road, it has become an important platform to deliver BDS technologies to those countries and regions and promote international communication and cooperation.

II. Theme

BDS technologies and innovative applications

III. Organizers

Ø  Supporters:

Bureau of International Cooperation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

China Satellite Navigation Office

International Liaison Department, China Association for Science and Technology

Ø  Organizers:

Aerospace Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Academic Exchange Center of China Satellite Navigation Office

“Belt and Road” BeiDou Application International Training Center

Ø  Co-organizers:

Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization, Chinese Academy of Sciences

China-ASEAN BeiDou/GNSS (Nanning) Center

IV. Date and location

Location: Beijing

Date: September 11 (Monday) -24 (Sunday), 2023

Duration: 2 weeks

V. Agenda

Ø  September 11: check-in and claiming workshop materials

Ø  September 12-21: learning theories and application technologies

In this workshop, attendees will learn theories including the building, development, and status quo of global satellite navigation systems, overview and capability of BDS services, basic navigation services of BDS, innovative international search and rescue services of BDS, innovative applications of BDS in aviation, innovative “BDS + intelligent agriculture” applications, innovative “BDS + remote sensing” applications, “BDS + intelligent transportation” applications, and emerging BDS applications.

Application technologies to study include experiencing BeiDou products and technologies, visiting scientific research institutions, companies and government-affiliated institutions, and high-tech companies in the BDS industry.

Ø  September 21: closing of the training workshop and issuance of course-completion certificates.

VI. Targets

Ø  Targets: foreign trainees from “Belt and Road” countries (regions)

Technology counsellors of embassies in China, in-service scientific research managers and backup managers of enterprises and government-affiliated institutions in satellite navigation and relevant fields, principals, administrative and technology personnel of relevant industry application departments, overseas students at universities and scientific research institutions in China, etc. with a quota of only 20 applicants.

For qualified foreign trainees, accommodation, training fees, and accident insurance during the training will be covered by the organizers.

VII. Application

Scan the following QR code for application. The deadline is September 4, 2023.

(Application forms are generated on Wenjuanxing (a questionnaire platform))

Contact: Qiao Runnan, Liang Huan

Phone: 86-10-82178551

Fax: 86-10-82178034

E-mail: global@beidou.org


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