The Press Conference of the 13th China Satellite Navigation Conference Held in Beijing

On the morning of April 14, the Press Conference of the 13th China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC) was held in Beijing. Chen Gucang, Deputy Director of China Satellite Navigation Office, Wang Lei, Member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Xu Xiaojun, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Beijing Shunyi District Committee and Deputy Chief of Shunyi District, attended the Press Conference to give an overview of the 13th CSNC and introduce progress of the preparations for this year’s CSNC, special local highlights of CSNC in Beijing, local guarantees and COVID-19 prevention and control measures of Shunyi District, and answered questions from reporters on hot topics of media concern.

The 13th CSNC is co-organized by the Academic Exchange Center of China Satellite Navigation Office, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology and Shunyi District People's Government and will be held from May 25 to 27 at Beijing Guoce International Convention & Exhibition Center, with the theme of “Digital Economy, Intelligent Navigation”. This year’s CSNC  will set up five sections: Summit Forums, Academic Exchanges, China Satellite Navigation Expo, High-end Forums and Popular Science Activities, and hold a series of special highlight activities showcasing the achievements of the industrialization of BDS applications.

Deputy Director Chen Gucang indicated at the Press Conference that the global navigation satellite system BDS-3 had been operating stably since its official completion and opening on July 31, 2020, with a steady improvement in the service performance, a measured positioning accuracy of better than 4.4 meters worldwide and a better performance in the Asia-Pacific region, which provided high-quality and reliable positioning, navigation and timing services for users worldwide. Deputy Director Chen also suggested that BDS-3 had become an important spatio-temporal cornerstone for promoting economic and social development and was a vivid example of showing how China took practical actions to actively promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind. At present, the large-scale applications of BDS have entered a critical stage of market-driven, industrialized and international development.

As one of the most important international satellite navigation conferences, CSNC provides an important and comprehensive exchange platform for China to showcase the achievements of construction and development of BDS, promote navigation technology innovation and the development of the BeiDou industry. CSNC has been successfully held for 12 times since 2010 and has attracted 36,000 attendees and collected 5,160 papers. There are a total of 1,743 invited presentations being delivered at CSNC, and 1,502 exhibiting companies that have participated in the Expo. The 13th CSNC will continue to be dedicated to building BDS, promoting the development of BeiDou industry and sharing the achievements of BDS. It will set up five sections, i.e. Summit Forums, Academic Exchanges (including 9 Professional Academic Sessions), China Satellite Navigation Expo, 12 High-end Forums as well as Popular Science Activities. The 13th CSNC will bring together insiders from industry, universities, research institutes and application industry to discuss in-depth the scientific theories related to satellite navigation, core technologies, application innovation and industrial development. A series of special highlight activities will also be held to showcase the achievements of the industrialization of BDS applications, such as the activity to enable visitors to try using mobile phones equipped with BeiDou short message services. Also, a number of awards in the academic, industrial and popular science categories will be presented at the 13th CSNC.

Deputy Director Wang Lei indicated that BDS was the major spatio-temporal infrastructure supporting the development of digital economy and had important value in promoting digital industry coordination, industrial digital transformation and digital governance. As an international science and technology innovation center and the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics, Beijing has laid a solid foundation for the development of the digital economy, especially the BeiDou industry, with the added value of the digital economy accounting for more than 40% of Beijing's GDP. It has formed a domestic-leading and globally influential BDS-based  spatio-temporal information innovation chain and industrial cluster. The BeiDou industry represents the high-quality development of Beijing's advanced, sophisticated and cutting-edge industries and is an important part of the digital economy. This year's CSNC in Beijing will promote the exchanges and mutual understanding related to“BDS-empowered Digital Economy” and plan high-level local forums. It will gather together industrial innovation resources and achievements and hold a special local exhibition of digital navigation that features onsite experience. This yea’s CSNC will also release the demonstration projects of “BeiDou+” fusion innovation applications, build two application scenes of BeiDou + intelligent connected vehicle-road coordination and BeiDou + unmanned delivery, so as to build a Beijing model for application demonstration. It will also indicate development signals, gather together guests to share forward-looking wisdom, exchange ideas and suggestions on the development of Beijing's BDS-based spatio-temporal information industry during the 14th  Five-Year Plan period, and formulate Beijing's solutions for the development of the BeiDou industry.

Xu Xiaojun, Deputy Chief of Shunyi District indicated that with the trust and support of China Satellite Navigation Office

and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, the 13th CSNC returned to Shunyi District this year, and all departments in the Shunyi District cooperated closely and prepared carefully make every effort provide conference services and guarantees and strive to make this year's CSNC a special higher-level event that produces effective results. At the same time, Shunyi District hopes to further enhance the BDS-based innovation achievement transformation and promotion service capabilities, actively introduce high-quality resources and a group of companies in the field of BDS-based navigation and location-based services, optimize the layout of the industry chain, promote the coordinated development of the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, and build the BDS-based innovation ecosystem through the platform of the 13th  CSNC and with the support of other major platforms such as Beijing Innovation Industry Cluster Demonstration Zone and Beijing Sino-German Industrial Park.

2022 is a critical year for China to accelerate the implementation of the 14th  Five-Year Plan, and is also a critical stage for BeiDou people to stand at the starting point of a new century of struggle and push forward the construction and development of BDS into a new era. Beijing hosted the 1st CSNC in 2010 and the 10th CSNC in 2019. Given this context, the CSNC now returns to Beijing for the third time, which is of great significance to further promote BDS-based technology innovation, industrial development and application promotion in Beijing.

The 13th CSNC will be held in the main venue to create an immersive environment. The opening ceremonies will be held at “the main venue and the venue for the parallel session” at the same time, which can be viewed live on the official website of CSNC. At the time when the 13th CSNC is about to kickstart, we will strive to present a colorful international event with academic, scientific & technological and industrial values. We look forward to the reunion of all industry players and media friends in Beijing to embrace the new intelligent BDS-based navigation and the new future of digital economy!