The 13th China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC 2022)Notice on Conference Registration (Notice No.2)

The 13th China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC 2022) will be held from Nov 16th-18th, 2022 at GUOCE International Convention and Exhibition Center in Beijing, China. Summit forum, academic exchanges, achievement expo, high-end forums, and popular science activities will be provided for domestic and foreign scientists, technicians, and visitors from all walks of life. Find the information about the conference as follows:

I. Time and venue

Time: Nov 16th-18th, 2022

Conference venue: GUOCE International Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition venue: GUOCE International Convention and Exhibition Center

II. Registration

The conference this year provides online registration & payment and on-site registration & payment:

1. Online registration & payment:

On PC: online registration & payment is open from March 7th, 2022 to 24:00 April 30th, 2022 (registration from May 1st will be regarded as on-site registration). Please check in with your registration QR code or invitation code, and claim you conference document with valid credentials (used for online registration & payment).

For online registration & payment, please visit the website:

On mobile phone:

(1) Follow the CSNC official WeChat account (“中国卫星导航年会”), click “Conference ServiceConference Registration” and skip to the applet “Satellite Navigation Conference” for registration;

(2) Search for the applet “Satellite Navigation Conference” on WeChat applet page for registration.

2. On-site registration & payment

After the online registration & payment system is closed, the conference representatives can register the information and pay the conference fee on site. The time and the place for on-site registration is the same as check-in time and place.

On-site payment: WeChat Pay, Alipay, cash, or bank card (debit card or credit card with a UnionPay logo)

3. Conference registration & payment standard:

(1) Online registration & payment: 2000 RMB/person; 1200 RMB/person for students (One-time registration payment 10 people enjoys group tickets of 95% discount);

(2) On-site registration: 2500 RMB/person; 1500 RMB/person for students

(3) EI page charges: 2800 RMB/article

(4) “The Night of Beidou”: 300 RMB/person


III. Main agenda of the conference (see the updated agenda on the conference website later)


Major Activities at the Conference Area



Summit forum

(Opening Ceremony, Presentations of GNSS Competent   Departments)

Nov 16th

Registration & payment

Invited Presentations (The 1st   presentation: Science and Technology)

Nov 16th

Invited Presentations (The 2nd   presentation: Application and Industry)

Nov 16th

“The Night of   Beidou”

Nov 16th

CSNC-ION joint forum (Sino-US Joint Forum on   Navigation)

Nov 17th

Professional Academic Sessions (9 sessions; see   details in Attachment)

Nov 17th-18th

High-end Forums (12 parallel forums; see details in   Attachment)

Nov 17th-18th

Science Lectures

Nov 12st-15th

Open to the public

PNT special lecture

Nov 15th

Beidou Little Stars are Acting

Nov 15th

Major activities at the   Expo Area

 (the 13th CSNC Achievement Expo)



Comprehensive Exhibition Area

Nov 16th-18th

Open to the public

Beijing Local Exhibition Area

Separate Exhibition Area for Companies and Research   Institutions

Exhibition Area for Science Popularization

Exhibition Area for Interactive Experience

Area for posting papers

Area for communication among navigation talents

Area for Releasing New Technologies or New Products

Strategic cooperation – on-site signing activities


IV. Conference check-in

Venue: Beijing GUOCE International Convention and Exhibition Center

Time: 14:00-19:00, Nov 14rd, 2022

8:00-20:00 Nov 15th, 2022

7:30-17:00, Nov 16th-18th, 2022

V. Contact information of the organizing committee

Telephone: Qiao - 010-82178551 (for conference registration issues)

Huang - 010-82178291/13693270808 (for payment and bill issues)

Conference website:

Conference email:


The Organizing Committee of CSNC

Academic Exchange Center of China Satellite Navigation Office

March, 2022


The 13th CSNC Professional Academic Sessions


Industry Applications of Satellite   Navigation


Satellite Navigation for Public   Applications


Satellite Navigation System and   Enhancement


Satellite Orbit and Precise Positioning


Time Datum and Precise Timing


Autonomous Navigation and Intelligent   Operation


Navigation Signals and Signal Processing


Satellite Navigation Terminal Users


PNT System and PNT New Technology




The 13th CSNC High-end Forums


Forum on   Large-scale Beidou Application


Forum on New Era   for Enhanced Beidou


Forum on Policies,   Regulations, Standardization, and IPR


Beidou Reliable PNT   Forum


Beidou +   Educational Forum


Beidou + Cultural   Industry Forum


Beidou + Manned   Spaceflight Forum


Beidou + Unmanned   Driving Forum


Forum on Development of Navigation   Communication Integrated with Remote Sensing


Beidou/GNSS Global   Partnership Forum


Forum on the   Coordinated Development of Beidou Industry and Central Government-owned   Enterprises


Forum on the   Application and Development of Navigation Industry in Beijing




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