[H08 Forum] BeiDou + Intelligent Ecology Forum was Successfully Held, Integration and Innovation to Empower Intelligent Ecology

On May 27, 2021, one of the high-end forums of the 12th China Satellite Navigation Conference, “BeiDou+Intelligent Ecology Forum”, was successfully held. The Forum was jointly undertaken by Beijing BDStar Navigation Co., Ltd, China Satellite Navigation Engineering Center, Shenzhen Allystar Technology Co., Ltd, Xiong'an New District Digital Transportation Laboratory, and Institute of Intelligent Machines of Chinese Academy of Sciences, to discuss the integration and innovative applications of “BeiDou+smart transportation”, “BeiDou+smart driving”, “BeiDou+digital village”, and “BeiDou+people’s livelihoods" etc.

The participants included leaders from China Satellite Navigation Office, experts and scholars in the field of national satellite navigation, entrepreneurs and executives from leading BeiDou-related enterprises and leading intelligent industry enterprises, a total of more than 200 guests. The Forum was chaired by Huang Lei, Vice President of Beijing BDStar Navigation Co., Ltd and Cao Kunmei, Associate Researcher of China Satellite Navigation Engineering Center respectively.


Speech by Yang Jian, Deputy Director of China Satellite Navigation Office

Yang Jian, Deputy Director of China Satellite Navigation Office, delivered a speech at the Forum. He shared his thoughts on three aspects, i.e. development leading, innovation empowerment and ecological construction, and specified requirements for the Forum, hoping that the Forum should not be limited to today's disucssions, and should summarize the discussion results and core views in time, so as to deepen the industrial applications of BeiDou and further promote the construction of national satellite positioning, nvigation and timing (PNT) system.


BeiDou Applications Empower the Development of Intelligent Transportation and Build Industrial Ecology with Integrated Development

The year 2021 is the opening year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, and the first year when BDS enters a new era of comprehensive global services. BeiDou positioning applications will grow more extensive and deeper, and enter a new stage of comprehensive development in terms of deep-level industrialization, scale development, popularization and internationalization.

In the morning, the Forum focused on “Smart Transportation - Smart Driving” and discussed the ecological trend and development direction of BeiDou industry, focusing on the application of BDS in intelligent connectivity, smart driving, unmanned delivery, railroad transportation and bike sharing.

At the Forum, Zheng Hao, Senior Engineer of China Satellite Navigation Office, indicated that the main tasks of BDS-3 global system were to build a global navigation satellite system with high performance, high reliability and high efficiency, and to enhance the promotion and industrialization of satellite navigation applications. Mr, Zheng suggested that state and relevant departments had attached great importance to the construction of BDS industrial ecosystem, and also emphasized the depth and breadth of BeiDou applications in information and communication, Internet of Things, industrial Internet, Internet of Vehicles and other fields, and the need to strengthen the awareness of the main use of BeiDou, and realize full coverage of BDS in key fields and key industries.


Zheng Hao, Senior Engineer of China Satellite Navigation Office

Han Yajuan, Director of High Technology Business Department of China International Engineering Consulting Corporation, made a presentation entitled “BeiDou Industrial Ecology and Competitiveness Evaluation”, which gave a comprehensive introduction of the latest service capability of BDS-3 and the applications of BDS in transportation, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, disaster mitigation etc. By analyzing some shortcomings and weaknesses of the current BeiDou industrial ecology, Director Han proposed relevant suggestions to promote the continuous improvement of BeiDou ecology. In the end, Director Han shared with audience the research results of the BeiDou competitiveness evaluation model.

Zhang Zhengxuan, Chief Scientist of Beijing BDStar Navigation Co., Ltd and Vice President of BICV, gave a wonderful presentation entitled “BeiDou High-Precision Positioning Empowers Intelligent Connected Vehicles” at the Forum. The presentation analyzed the trend of application of “10 selected industries, 100 selected experts for imroving quality of 1000 products and benefiting 10000 related enterprises” in China's satellite navigation industry, and pointed out that the intelligent connected vehicles, with both accuracy demand and market size requirements, have become the new highland of industrial value. As one of the core technologies for automated driving, high-precision BDS intergated positioning technology provides an important support for intelligent connected vehicles, and high-precision integrated positioning  products can better empower the development of intelligent connected vehicle industry.


Zhang Zhengxuan, Vice President of Beijing BDStar Navigation Co., Ltd

Yao Pengjun, Chief Engineer of Xiong'an New District Digital Transportation Laboratory, introduced in detail the construction of intelligent transportation based on BeiDou+5G spatio-temporal services. The Planning Outline of Xiong’an New Area in Hebei clearly specifies that we should insist on synchronous planning and construction of digital city and the real city, and build a globally leading digital city with deep learning capability. Chief Engineer Yao pointed out that the construction of Xiong’an's intelligent transportation system includes a network (Beidou, 5G and other communication and positioning networks), a clock (nanosecond-level high-precision timing system), a series of three-dimensional service application systems for people, vehicles, roads, networks and clouds, a unified data sharing management and data fusion system, and a map (i.e. a planning blueprint with a unified spatio-temporal datum and a complete representation of urban elements and the transportation environment elements).


Yao Pengjun, Chief Engineer of Xiong'an New District Digital Transportation Laboratory

In addition, Chen Liwei, Deputy Director of Intelligent Electronics Development Department of Jiangxi Jiangling Group Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd, Deng Yimin, Manager of Perception Fusion Department of SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle, Cao Kai, CTO of Dongfeng Sharing, Dong Junfeng, Navigation Algorithm Engineer of Meituan Unmanned Vehicle Department, Rao Xiong, Chief Engineer of China Railway Fifth Survey and Design Institute Group Co., Ltd and Beidou Navigation Equipment and Spatio-temporal Information Technology Railway Industry Engineering Research Center and Didi Chuxing Chief Engineer Du Muguo made wonderful speeches on BeiDou industry ecology & competitiveness evaluation, BeiDou ecology empowering intelligent connected vehicles, BeiDou + intelligent sensors building the integrated positioning system for intelligent driving, applications and thinking of BeiDou in seamless mobile services, applications of BeiDou in map construction and positioning for unmannned delivery, industry ecology of integrated BeiDou applications in railroad industry, application practices of BeiDou in governing parking of shared bikes etc.

Accelerating the construction of digital villages to empower the development of people’s livelihoods

The afternoon session focused on the “Digital Village + People's Livelihoods”, discussing the application and development of BDS in agriculture, water conservacy, digital city construction and other areas of people's livelihoods.

Zhao Hesong, Director of Information Center of Ministry of Water Resources, indicated that BDS has wide and deep application prospects in the field of water conservancy. Projects related to water flow, storage and management of dams, embankments and other water conservancy projects have obvious spatio-temporal attributes, and BDS has a big role to play in this aspect. The construction of the smart water conservancy system and the improvement of water measurement and reporting and intelligent scheduling capability by basin are the vision and goals of the 14th Five-Year Plan and China’s 2035 vision. The application of BeiDou + water conservancy is of landmark importance for the high-quality development of water conservancy.


Zhao Hesong, Director of Information Center of Ministry of Water Resources

Zhang Min, President of Qianmo Technology, made a presentation entitled “High-definition Electronic Map of Digital Village based on BeiDou+Remote Sensing”. President Zhang made a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the current situation of high-precision map construction, production process, problems faced by map construction and solutions, which showed us the importance of BeiDou + remote sensing big data technology to the construction of high-precision maps in digital villages.

Han Wei, Associate Researcher of Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Founder & CEO of AIForceTech, gave a presentation entitled “BDS-based Farm Operation Robot that Learns”. Mr. Han pointed out that China's agricultural mechanization had been basically completed, with the national comprehensive mechanization rate reaching over 70%. However, the problem of rural population loss and aging is becoming increasingly serious, and with the growing agricultural labor shortage, driverless farm machinery systems that can work all day and night and are equipped with precise operation capabilities are urgently needed. The use of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving technology to empower farm machinery can greatly improve operational efficiency, reduce labor intensity, improve the working environment and save labor costs.


Han Wei, Associate Researcher of Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Founder & CEO of AIForceTech

Wu Jianhua, Deputy Secretary-General of CPC Fuyang Municipal Committee, Qin Shuo, VP of FJ Dynamics, Ma Zhen, Senior Manager of DJI, Wang Jian, Product Director of Smart Monitoring and Inspection of China Mobile (Shanghai) Industrial Research Institute, and Sun Quan, Professor-level Senior Engineer/Assistant Director of Research Institute of China UnionPay, also made wonderful presentations, discussing the application of spatial big data based on BeiDou+remote sensing in digital transformation of cities, high-precision electronic maps based on BeiDou+remote sensing, deep exploration of spplication of BDS-based high-precision positioning in special industries - liberation of productivity in agriculture, application of BeiDou in developing precision agriculture, deformation monitoring solution based on “5G+BeiDou” and the application of BDS in the financial industry.

There was a roundtable discussion session in the end. Zhao Hesong, Director of Ministry of Water Resources, Dong Junfeng, Navigation Algorithm Engineer of Meituan Unmanned Vehicle Department, Chen Liwei, Intelligent Electronics Development Department of Jiangxi Jiangling Group Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd, Sun Zhongliang, Managing Director of ALLYSTAR Technology and Huang Lei, Vice President of Beijing BDStar Navigation Co., Ltd/General Manager of Unicore communications participated in the Forum to discuss together the issues such as the high quality development of BDS-3 in terms of intelligence and future technological innovation in integrated PNT during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.


The participants had a lively discussion on the problems encountered by BeiDou in the intelligent ecological construction and how to carry out deeper applications, involving various aspects such as BDS application technology, application requirements and future prospects, which provided direction and motivation for the development of BDS in the intelligent ecological field.

At this point, the “BeiDou+Intelligent Ecology Forum” came to a successful conclusion. The high-end forum considered the new demand for BeiDou positioning in national key areas such as smart transportation, smart driving and rural revitalization, gathered experts in various fields of intelligent ecology development to discuss and idenfity the weak links and corresponding breakthroughs of BeiDou in the smart ecological chain, and explored the applications of BeiDou and other new technologies in the new ecology. The collision and exchange of ideas among various industries brought industry consensus, which is conducive to building an open and win-win ecological environment and promoting the development of “BeiDou+Intelligent Ecology”. In this opening year of the 14th  Five-Year Plan and the first year after BDS entered a new era of comprehensive global services, the successful holding of the “BeiDou+Intelligent Ecology Forum” will certainly greatly promote the breadth and depth of the applications of BDS, and build a more intelligent and comprehensive spatio-temporal application system through various new modes of “BeiDou+” integration.