2021 International Training Workshop on BEIDOU Technologies and Applications in the “Belt and Road” Conuntries and Regions

1. Background

The global network of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System was completed in 2020, and the completion and commissioning ceremony for the BDS-3 was held on July 31, indicating that BDS had complete global service capability. 2021 marks a new stage in the development of BDS as well as the industrialization of its applications. The “Belt and Road” International Training Workshop for BDS Technologies and Applications aim to provide overseas participants with training and talent cultivation resources on the application of navigation and positioning technologies of BDS, and facilitate international cooperation and exchanges related to BDS technologies and industry to promote the adoption of BDS around the world.

2. Theme

BDS Technologies and Applications

3. Organizers:

l  Supervised by:

China Satellite Navigation Office

l  Organized by:

Academic Exchange Center of China Satellite Navigation Office

l  Supported by:

Bureau of International Cooperation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

China Association for Science and Technology

Beijing International Center for Technology Communication

Aerospace Information Innovation Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences

4. Time and Place

Place: Beijing

Time: September 6th, 2021 (Monday) - September 19th, 2021 (Sunday)

Duration: 2 weeks

5. Agenda

l  Section 1 (September 6th):

Registration, check-in at hotel and handouts collection.

l  Section 2 (September 7th - 17th):

Key theories and application cases of BeiDou/GNSS are studied in the morning. Experienced scholars, entrepreneurs and managers will serve as lecturers to help participants gain insight into the application and development of BDS through case study and experience sharing. The contents include the development and status of GNSS, overview of BDS services and capabilities, Basic Navigation Services, international search and rescue service enabled by BDS, overview of BDS applications, BeiDou+ intelligent agriculture services, BeiDou + intelligent transportation application, and new applications of BeiDou, etc.

A study tour on BeiDou application is scheduled for all participants in the afternoon, which includes visit to scientific research institutes, enterprises and public institutions in the field of satellite navigation and BeiDou high-tech companies.

l  Section 3 (September 18th - 19th):

Issuing course-completion certificates. At the end of the course, certificates of completion are issued to offline participants, and training certificates are issued to online participants by Academic Exchange Center of China Satellite Navigation Office.

6. Target participants and course form

Target participants: foreign participants in the Belt and Road countries and regions

Course form: online and offline

l  Online training is designed for senior management of relevant institutions, personnel from universities and scientific research institutes, and executives of relevant enterprises in the field of global satellite navigation. (Unlimited places).

l  Offline training is designed for scientific counsellors of embassies in China; overseas students in China, in-service and reserve scientific research managers of relevant enterprises and public institutions, universities and scientific research institutes; department heads for industrial application, administrative and technical personnel in the field of satellite navigation. (20 places)

The selected offline foreign participants are exempted from meal, accommodation, course and accident insurance fees.

7. Registration

Download and fill in one of the registration forms attached below and send it to global@beidou.org before August 27th, 2021.

Contacts: Qiao Runnan, Liang Huan

Phone: 86-10-82178551

Fax: 86-10-82178034


Attachment: Application Form (offline) - 2021


Attachment: Application Form (Online) - 2021