The 2nd BeiDou Project Roadshow and Investment Forum was successfully held

On 27 May 2021, the 12th China Satellite Navigation Conference and the 2nd BeiDou Project Roadshow and Investment Forum were held at the Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center. The forum was hosted by Chairman Chang Dongliang, Teng Qizhi, Lu Min and Hu Chengqiang, General Manager of Zhongji Hengguang Holdings Co., Ltd. It included four parts: BeiDou industry investment report sharing, project roadshow, round-table and award ceremony. After the preliminary project collection and screening, 16 companies were invited to the BeiDou project roadshow, while 2 other companies presented on stage but did not participate in the project selection. Many outstanding companies from the BeiDou industry, including Shenzhen Allystar Technology Co., Ltd., participated. At the same time, well-known experts from the BeiDou industry and representatives from renowned investment institutions were invited as judges to comment on and score the roadshow projects one by one. Shenzhen Allystar Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the first prize for "Most Valuable Enterprise" in the 2nd BeiDou Project Roadshow and Investment Forum; Wuhan Exsun BeiDou Space Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Aerospace Satelliteherd Technology Co., Ltd., and Shanghai HighGain Information Technology Co., Ltd. were awarded the second prize. Suzhou Seekcy Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan KOTEI Big Data Corporation, Shenzhen VLG Wireless Technology Co., Ltd., and Beijing Huayun Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd. were awarded the third prize. The exciting investment report and round table echoed with the project roadshow, and the atmosphere was heated, attracting more than 10 investment institutions, more than 100 enterprise representatives and audiences to observe on site.


Dr. Chang Dongliang, Chairman of the Forum, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Rethinking Investment in Satellite Navigation Industry" after the opening ceremony. Since 1978, the global satellite navigation application has undergone three inter-generational changes, from the 2G era when navigation services were introduced into mobile phones, to the 5G era when precise space-time services supported the rise of the industrial Internet, to the digital era when it was built on the PNT system. Currently, the boundaries of the satellite navigation industry are constantly being broken, and the development of the whole industry is showing the trend of "technology redundancy, terminal intelligence, application digitalization, service ubiquity and internationalization". During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the satellite navigation industry will develop rapidly, supported by policy dividends and driven by the power of capital. Based on the international comparison and empirical research, we are optimistic about the prospect of the satellite navigation industry and suggest a long-term investment layout.


The first prize winner of the BeiDou Project Roadshow, Wang Tianjiu, CFO and Secretary of the Board of Directors of Shenzhen Allystar Technology Co., Ltd., spoke at the roundtable. He said that the bond between investment and industry was inseparable. The history of Qualcomm's development shows that Wall Street has played a crucial role in the growth of the company. The chip industry has been restructured through capital mergers and acquisitions to achieve the scale volume and international influence it has today. On the other hand, if we look at the development of the BeiDou industry, we still lack a significant industry integrator. From the perspective of the companies, including Allystar Technology, they all hope to become bigger and stronger in their businesses and platforms through a series of resource integration.


There were also many investment institutions expressing strong interest in the roadshow at the forum. In addition to the direct participation of investment experts from Ping An Bank, China North Industries, GP Capital, Hui Hua Fund, and Hubei High-tech Industry Investment Group. Investment institutions such as China Structural Reform Fund, National Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrade Fund, Military and Civil Integration Development Industry Investment Fund, National Military-Military Integration Industry Investment Fund, China Great Wall Industry Corporation, Guotai Junan Innovation Investment Corporation, GP Capital Innovative Consumption Fund, Shanghai Military Civil Integration Industry Equity Investment Fund Partnership, Shanghai BeiDou Qixing Equity Investment Fund, and Guangzhou Leadway Capital also participated in the forum. Dr. Guo Xiarui, Investment Director of the Operation and Investment Department of China Great Wall Industry Group Co., Ltd, gave full recognition to the forum. He said that the overall quality of the roadshow projects was very high, covering all areas of the BeiDou industry chain, and each company had accumulated certain technology and market position in different parts of the industry chain and had formed their core competencies. The forum has built a bridge between industry and capital, and he hoped that it would continue to be held.


As the only branch of the 12th annual China Satellite Navigation Conference with project roadshows and investment exchanges, the success of this forum not only provided a stage for outstanding enterprises in the satellite navigation industry chain to showcase themselves and share resources, but more importantly, it showed social capital and related parties the huge development potential and vitality of the satellite navigation industry. The future is here, we will wait and see!