The 12th China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC 2021) (Notice No.2)

The 12th China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC 2021)

(Notice No.2)

 Attachment:The 12th China Satellite Navigation Conference(Notice No.2)

The 12th China Satellite Navigation Conference will be held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China on 26-28 May 2021 and people from all walks of life are welcome to attend this conference. The notice on conference participation is as the following:

1.    Dates and location of CSNC

Dates: 26-28 May 2021

Conference location: Primus Hotel Nanchang International Expo City

Expo location: Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center

2.    Conference registration

This year’s CSNC has adopted two types of registration and payment methods, i.e. online registration and payment and on-site registration and payment:

(1) Online registration and payment

PC end: Online registration and payment will be opened on 16 March 2021 and the deadline is April 30 2021, 24:00 (registration handed in after 1 May will be regarded as on-site registration). During the conference check-in, please use the registration QR code or invitation code for check-in and obtain conference materials with valid permits (i.e. valid permits used for online registration and payment). For online registration and payment, please visit the website:

Mobile end:

(a)   Follow the official WeChat account of CSNC ( “中国卫星导航年会”), click on “Conference Service – Conference Registration” and skip to the applet “CSNC” (“卫星导航年会”) for registration.

(b)  Register at the applet “CSNC”.

 (2) Onsite registration and payment:

After the online registration and payment system is closed, conference representatives can register for the conference and pay the conference fees via on-site registration. The dates and location of on-site registration are the same as those set for conference check-in.

Onsite payment methods: WeChat, Alipay, cash and cards (savings cards or credit cards with UnionPay logo)

 (3) Conference registration fees

Online registration and payment: RMB 2000/person; RMB 1200/person for students (one-time registration fee for 10 students can enjoy 5% discount for group ticket purchase);

On-site registration and payment: RMB 2500/personRMB 1500/person for students

Fees for publication on EI Journal: RMB 2800/article

The Night of BeiDou: RMB 300/person.

3.Main conference agenda (check CSNC website for further updates)

Main activities at the conference venue



Summit forums (opening ceremony, invited presentations and presentations by GNSS authorities)

26 May

Registration and payment

Invited presentations (Session One: Science and Technology)


26 May

Invited presentations (Session Two: Application and Industrialization)

26 May

The Night of BeiDou

26 May

Professional academic sessions (9 sessions, please see attachment for details)

27-28 May

High-end forums (12 parallel forums, please see attachment for details)

27-28 May


Beidou Science and Technology Seminar

17-25 May


Open to the public

Special lecture on PNT

25 May

BeiDou Little Stars are Acting

25 May


Main activities at the exhibition area

 (the 12th China Satellite Navigation Expo)



Comprehensive Exhibition Area

26-28 May

Open to the public

Local Exhibition Area for Jiangxi Province

Exhibition Area for Enterprises and Research Institutes

Popular Science Area

Interactive Experience Area

Paper Posting Area

Talent Exchange Area

New Technology and New Product Announcement Area

Strategic Cooperation - on site Signing Activities

4.Conference check-in

Check-in venue: Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center

Check-in time:  25 May 2021, 08:00-19:00

26-28 May 2021, 07:30-17:00

5.Contact information of the Organizing Committee

Contact number:

86-010-82178551 Mr Victorconference registration

86-010-62463527 Ms Huang (payment and invoicing matters)

Conference website:

Conference email:


                          The Organizing Committee of CSNC 

Academic Exchange Center of China Satellite Navigation Office

March 2021


Professional academic sessions of the 12th CSNC


Satellite Navigation Industry Applications


Satellite Navigation Popular Applications


Satellite Navigation System and Augmentation Technologies


Satellite Orbit and Precise Positioning


Time Frequency and Precise Timing


Autonomous Navigation and Intelligent Operation


Satellite Navigation Signal Processing


User Terminal Technologies


PNT System and New PNT Technologies

High-end forums of the 12th CSNC


BDS Application and Industrialization Forum


BeiDou Industry Park Development Forum


Policies, Regulations, Standards and Intellectual Properties


BeiDou+Education Forum


Forum on BDS Application for Central State-owned Enterprises 


Forum on BDS Publicity and Promotion


Forum on Integrated Development of Satellite

Navigation, Communication and Remote Sensing


BeiDou+Intelligent Ecology Forum


BeiDou+Manned Spaceflight Forum


BeiDou+New Infrastructure Forum


Forum on BDS Applicaion in Aerospace


Forum on BDS Application in Jiangxi Province