2019 BDs International Training Workshop

  1. Background

    In response to the strategy of “Promoting BeiDou System step by step”, BeiDou International Training Workshop endeavors to provide training sessions themed on the application of navigation and positioning technologies in BeiDou System to overseas participants, thereby enhancing relevant international cooperation and the sustainable development of BeiDou System related technologies and industries.


  2. Theme

    BDs Technology and Applications in the Belt and Road Countries and Regions.


  3. Organizers

    Bureau of International Cooperation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Academic Exchange Center of China Satellite Navigation Office


  4. Time and Place

    Place: Beijing

    Time: from September 16th 2019 to September 29th 2019 (two weeks)


  5. Agenda

    Module 1 (September 16th): Registration, check-in at hotel and handouts collection.


    Module 2 (from September 17th to 28th): Technical courses and guided tours.


    Technical courses:

    The Current Situation of GNSS and the Progress on BeiDou Satellite Nework, Application and Outlook of BeiDou System, BeiDou Positioning Technology, Background Knowledge and Introduction of  BeiDou System, including the Basic Theories about Satellite Navigation System, International Cooperation of BeiDou System; BeiDou Ground-based Augmentation System, Development Plans and Outlook of BeiDou System, BeiDou Timing Service.


    Positioning Service and Its Future Development, including Basic Knowledge on Positioning Service, Typical Application of Positioning Service; Indoor and Out-door Multi-sensor Fusion Navigation.


    The Application of BeiDou System in the Belt and Road Countries and Regions, including Applications of Emergency Relief, Applications of Agriculture and BDs Services in the Belt and Road Countries and Regions.


    Guided tours:

    Visiting academic institutions and high-tech companies of BeiDou System related industries.


    Module 3 (September 28th): Grant course-completion certificate.


  6. Prospective participants and training pattern

    Prospective participants: foreign participants in the Belt and Road Countries and Regions (20 vacant)

    Training pattern: 2019 BeiDou International Training Workshop is designed for senior management of relevant institutions of Belt and Road countries and regions which specialize in satellite navigation and the principals of relevant enterprises. All lecturers are seasoned scholars, entrepreneurs and managers, who will lead case studies and share their experience to help participants gain insight into the application and development of BeiDou Satellite Navigation System. At the end of the course, participants will be granted with course-completion certificate by the Academic Exchange Center of China Satellite Navigation Office. Foreign participants who pass the selection will be waived boarding and accommodation fee and subsidized for international travel.

  7. How to register for the workshop

    Scan the QR code below to download the register form, fill the form and send to global@beidou.org before 24:00 August 9th 2019.


Contact: Liang Huan, Ren Aiai

Telephone: 86-10-17610602690

Fax: 86-10-82178034

E-mail: global@Beidou.org